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Lawn Buddy Case Study


MoM Increase in Sign Ups 


MoM Increase in Conversion Rate

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About Lawn Buddy

Lawn Buddy is B2B SaaS platform allowing lawn care & landscaping companies to streamline their business management processes. Their software includes tools like customer management, electronic invoicing, automatic payments, marketing automation, and yard estimation. 


When we began working with Lawn Buddy they had recently pivoted from a business model that offered homeowners on-demand lawn & landscaping services, to serving the business owners themselves. Despite having recently changed their focus, they had a strong foundation with a launched product and 2,000 registered users. In our first few months of working together, their goals were to launch a new website, launch and promote a new subscription model, and prepare to capitalize on and onboard an influx of customers during the busiest time of year ("lawn care season").


To achieve Lawn Buddy's business goals, we formulated a strategy focusing on 3 main areas:

  1. Reach new customers through relevant & engaging content around small business building topics. 

  2. Convert new customers through Facebook and Google Paid Ads.

  3. Seamlessly onboard customers and convert relevant users to the new subscription model through a simple email marketing campaign. 

Pericus Ventures helps a recently pivoted seed-stage software company rapidly increase sign-ups among new target market.


Average Monthly Clicks

Results & ROI

 ​The above strategy has so far achieved strong results for Lawn Buddy. 

  • Our paid marketing efforts brought a 300% MoM increase in sign-ups and 500% increase in MoM conversion rate. We are now signing up more customers monthly than the entire prior year while keeping ad spend costs low per conversion.

  • Facebook Paid Advertising campaigns have been the best converting channel for Lawn Buddy.

    • With an average $2,000 monthly budget, we were able to reach 100,000 people, achieve 25,000 post engagements, and receive 6,000 clicks while maintaining a Cost-Per-Click (CPC) under $1.00.

    • Conversion rates have increased from 2% to 12% in the most recent months due to the start of lawn care season, continued optimization, testing, and the launch of new campaigns.

  • Google Paid Advertising has also been a great source of sign-ups and engagement for Lawn Buddy. We are targeting a diverse array of keywords (including brand, competitor, and generic terms) - all are performing well. 

    • Also with an average $2,000 monthly budget, Google Paid Ads reached 15,000+ people per month, achieved 4,000 clicks, $2.50 CPC, and a 12% conversion rate.

  • One channel that did not see as strong results as other paid advertising was Linkedin Paid Ads. Despite strong impressions and clicks, CPC's and conversion rates were lower than desired, and we decided to focus ad spend on higher performing channels.

  • Despite the influx of new customers, our email marketing campaigns have helped to seamlessly onboard customers, maintaining a 27% open rate and 4% click rate.

  • Additionally, we have been able to steadily convert customers to the new subscription model since it launched at the beginning of this year, with a 10% increase MoM.

Future Plans

Our next steps with Lawn Buddy are to expand content marketing efforts. The Lawn Buddy audience is very engaged, and there are opportunities to distribute more regular content and increase followings & engagement on social channels. So far we've organically increased social media followers 5-10% MoM and look to gain even higher MoM traction.

MILANER Case Study


Increase in sales


Increase in traffic

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MILANER is a platform enabling Europe’s top luxury artisans to sell directly to consumers and engage in celebrity collaborations for the first time. MILANER prides itself on finding the best of the best and granting the discerning shopper unparalleled personal access. These are the items master artisans love to make and spent their whole lives making perfect.


When we began working with MILANER, they had a strong base of loyal customers with 20K+ Instagram followers and 3K Facebook followers. The MILANER team posts high-quality organic social media content daily that receives a strong engagement and has been a great compliment to our paid advertising efforts. Their main goal in working together was to use paid advertising to promote their newly launch "MILANER Vachetta Woven Handbags" to new customers, as well as retarget & convert engagers (as we see it takes an several return engagements with the brand to see a conversion).


To achieve Milaner's business goals, we formulated a strategy, to focus on 3 main areas:

  1. Reach new customers by targeting audiences similar to current customer profiles with new MILANER merchandise.

  2. Build out Google Shopping & Google Paid Ads to reach buyers shopping for luxury bags. 

  3. Retarget and convert customers through Facebook & Instagram Paid Ads.

Pericus Ventures drives massive sales and revenue growth for a pre-seed e-commerce retail client.


Increase in conversion rates

Results & ROI

​The above strategy has achieved the best sales days on record for MILANER. 

  • Our paid marketing efforts brought a 1,000% increase in sales for MILANER, driving a 800% increase in social traffic to the website that resulted in a 40% increase in 'add-to-carts' and 84% increase in conversion rates.

  • Our Facebook & Instagram Paid Ad Campaigns reached over 1 million consumers in 3 months, with nearly 9,000 monthly clicks, 2.4% Click-Through-Rate (CTR), and 0.18% conversion rate. We did this while maintaining the targeted ad spend per conversion.

  • We built out and launched Google Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads and Google Shopping Ads for MILANER.​​

    • MILANER branded keywords saw the strongest performance with an 11% conversion rate, 30% CTR, and $0.12 CPC. 

    • Competition in Google Shopping Ads also resulted in very high ad spend, CPCs, and costs per conversion. They also brought in a lot of irrelevant searches, which required diligent daily negative keyword work. We eventually turned off Google Shopping due to the inefficient spending. 

  • Pinterest Paid Advertising saw initial high engagement with over 400 saves and 8,000 impressions. However, campaigns were turned off to drive ad spend to top performing paid advertising channels. 

Future Plans

Next steps with MILANER are to continue to explore Pinterest Paid Advertising. and Google Paid Advertising with more time and increased budgets. 

Steven Werner,
Founder & CEO

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Elisa Rossi,
Founder & CEO

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