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Hey There, I'm Lara Jordan! 

A Digital Strategist With a Decade of Experience Growing Brands Across Continents

I'm a digital strategist specializing in growth strategy, digital advertising, search engine marketing, content marketing, paid social media marketing, and email marketing. I utilize these skills to help early-stage tech startups effectively reach their target market and grow their businesses. I love getting the opportunity to continually help founders achieve their best numbers to date. 

I also currently support underrepresented founders as the Program Director of Transparent Collective, a non-profit providing Silicon Valley connections & resources to Black, Latinx, and Female founders from across the country.


Previously, I led content for 500 Startups, a global venture capital seed fund based in Silicon Valley. While at 500 Startups,

I focused on helping underrepresented founders gain better access to funding and resources, spearheading 500's Diversity & Inclusion Summits and Geeks on a Plane Tour, where we brought investors into emerging markets. I also mentored early-stage startups in the company's accelerator on content marketing. 

Before that, I worked in-house for an early stage startup called Magency Digital, where I headed up international marketing and sales. I was originally based in Paris and later opened up the company's New York office. There, I partnered with top Fortune 500 brands like Procter & Gamble, Novartis, and Deutsche Bank to incorporate digital technology into their global events. I helped the company achieve 2x YOY growth, multi-million dollar revenue, and $5 million in Series A Funding. 

You can learn more about my professional background on Linkedin.

About Pericus Ventures
The Meaning Behind the Name

Life ring from the sailboat Pericus

Pericus Ventures was named in honor of my father, who owned a sailboat called Pericus for over 50 years. His entrepreneurial spirit and love of life inspire me every day to pursue my passion and build a business I'm proud of. 

The name Pericus comes from the Pericú (also known as Pericues), extinct aboriginal inhabitants of the southernmost portion of Baja California Sur, Mexico. As a Sociology & Anthropology major, I love learning about indigenous cultures and have traveled extensively around the world to understand tribes and people.

Upon discovering the Pericú were also shamanic culture, the name clicked, as I am trained in shamanic practices and actively explore spiritual traditions around the world.


The name Pericus brings together many different things I love - family, sailing, travel, indigenous cultures, and spiritual practice. A perfect name to build a business I love with founders I am passionate about helping to grow.

The word ventures was chosen from the dictionary definition, "a risky or daring journey or undertaking." We love working with risky, daring startup founders to help them in their pursuit to navigate & charter new territory. We are not currently making venture capital investments.

California women, probably Pericúes, 1726 (Wikipedia)


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