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digital marketing 

for your startup 

Pericus Ventures rigs your digital strategy, directs your digital marketing course, and sets sail into big growth for your company.



Building a startup, you're in it. It's hard to take a step back to make sure your customers clearly understand who you are, what you have to offer, and are incentivized to buy from you. We'll build a strong online presence, ensuring your target market become raving fans.



We provide you with:

  • Target market clarification

  • Customer strategy

  • Online channel identification & strategy

  • Copyrighting and copy editing


Email, social media, search engines, content... oh my! There are a lot of places online you have to be, and each one has a unique strategy that's rapidly evolving. We manage and execute your digital strategy to reach your customers where they are and make your brand stand out.


We help you with:​

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Content Marketing

  • Email Marketing

  • Search Engine Marketing



Don't worry, once the strategy and execution are done, we don't leave you high and dry. We monitor numbers and continually optimize campaigns to ensure your digital marketing presence is a well-oiled machine bringing in the big buck$ and consistently growing.


We deliver to you:

  • Daily campaign optimization

  • Weekly marketing reports

  • Monthly campaign building, content creation 

  • Regular strategizing & alignment



Founders From Diverse Backgrounds, Building Impactful Businesses

When we work together, we see ourselves as part of your team, and therefore, make an effort to align ourselves with founders, companies, and teams that we believe in. Our current clients are both B2B and consumer businesses, and span verticals.

Companies at an Early, High-Growth Stage

We chose the name "ventures," because per the definition, we love working with daring & risky growth-stage startups! Our niche is high-growth businesses at the pre-seed and seed stage. There's nothing better than helping them see their best days on record. 

Long-Term Relationships

We see ourselves as part of your company, your marketing team, and therefore, want to grow with you. We look to get to know your company as an insider and build it with you. We're often one of your first team members and your biggest fans. 

Risk-Taking, Visionary Founders

Like your business, digital marketing is a lot of ups & downs. We can't make any promises of what will work. We have to test, experiment, try (and try again). That's why we love to work with innovative, daring founders who are game to come along for the ride and play with us as we find what works best for your company.  







Lara has helped us exponentially increase signups on our website, finding the right places to reach our target market with relevant, engaging content that converted. She is great to work with and has made a huge impact on our business.



Lara was always on time and on budget. No headaches. She truly made a huge impact to our top line.


Pericus Ventures was founded by Lara Jordan, a digital strategist passionate about working with early-stage tech founders from diverse backgrounds, building impactful businesses. Over the last decade, Lara has gained vast knowledge of the digital technology space, specializing in growth strategy, digital advertising, search engine marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing. She utilizes these skills at Pericus Ventures to help early-stage tech startups effectively reach their target market and grow their businesses.

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